Organized Space Brings About Improved Mental Health

There’s a lot of buzz about balance these days. Everywhere I turn someone is talking or writing about work-life, home-family, technology-unplugged, balance.

I have found for myself that when my physical space is organized, I feel like a more capable version of myself. I have noticed this in others as well. Our surroundings seem to reflect our inner psyche.

What do your surroundings say about you? How does your physical space make you feel? Just as physical exercise makes us feel better (well…eventually…maybe not when starting out, but once you’ve finished your run, exercise class or reached a fitness goal), I think organizing our home and/or work space can bring about improved mental health.

A great mental health resource in Pasadena is my friend, Valerie Wallace. You can find her at www.goodtherapy.org. And if you’re feeling ready for help organizing your physical space, simply call or email.