How Do I Close Down A Life?

A good friend died suddenly and unexpectedly and his spouse asked me, “how do I close down a life?” We don’t get any directions on steps to take after the initial shock has subsided, a service has been held, family and friends have, for the most part, returned to their routines.

There isn’t a “how-to” manual to help guide the surviving spouse. However, I have found that the more organized a grieving spouse is, especially with finding important papers and passwords, the better.

I have felt privileged to help my friend through the first few months of his new “normal.” He has found support through family and friends and www.refugeingrief.com. And I believe organizational skills have been a core component of helping him find his way.

If you are in a relationship and your significant other/spouse became seriously ill and could not communicate or died unexpectedly, is his or her important information easily accessible? If not, send me an email and let’s set up an initial consultation.