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How To Minimize The Stress of Entertaining During The Holidays

Now that the holiday season has passed, did you find yourself with moments of dread? What are those about? Out of control eating? Family stress? Hanging lights? Missing loved ones? Finding the family china in the garage??Continue Reading..


Shop For Storage Solutions Successfully

Have you been on The Container Store site lately ( One client LOVES it, another is completely overwhelmed by it. Some people assume I love the store…Continue Reading..


Organized Space Brings About Improved Mental Health

There’s a lot of buzz about balance these days. Everywhere I turn someone is talking or writing about work-life, home-family, technology-unplugged, balance.

I have found for myself that when my physical space is organized, I feel like a more capable version of myself. I have noticed this in others as well. Our surroundings seem to reflect our inner psyche.Continue Reading..


How Do I Close Down A Life?

A good friend died suddenly and unexpectedly and his spouse asked me, “how do I close down a life?” We don’t get any directions on steps to take after the initial shock has subsided, a service has been held, family and friends have, for the most part, returned to their routines.Continue Reading..